List of Invited Speakers:

List of Contributed Papers :

*************** Mathematical Physics and Generalized Crystallography [1] *****************
29m2-1[1] M.Widom, N.Destainville, R.Mosseri* and F.Bailly (invited) Two-Dimentional Random Tilings of Large Codimention
--------- ---------------------------------------------------
29a2-2[1] Gier* and B.Nienhuis Solvable Rectangle Triangle Random Tilings
26m3-1[1] F.Gahler Cluster Interactions for Quasiperiodic Tilings
26m3-2[1] J.Hermisson Aperiodic Ising Quantum Chains
26m3-3[1] R.Lifshitz Lattice Color Groups of Quasicrystals
26m3-4[1] C.Sire* and R.Mosseri Compacity in Icosahedral Clusters
26P-1[1] A.Singh* and S.Ranganathan Indexing of Two-Dimensional Quasicrystals
26P-2[1] A.Sinha* and P.Ramachandrarao A Single Point Based Approach to Penrose Tiling
26P-3[1] M.Baake, J.Hermisson*, R.Lueck and M.Scheffer Colourigs of Quasicrystals
26P-4[1] M.Baake, U.Grimm*, P.Repetowicz and D.Joseph Coordination Sequences and Critical Points
26P-5[1] M.Baake, J.Hermisson*, M.Hoffe and C.Richard Random Tilings and Dimer Models
26P-6[1] S.I.Ben-Abraham Local Configurations and Allophases in Quasicrystalline Structures
26P-7[1] J.-L.Verger-Gaugry and N.Cotfas* Models of Quasicrystals with G-cluster Microstructure. a Mathematical Approach
26P-8[1] J.-L.Verger-Gaugry n-Dimensional Quasiperiodic Sphere Packings - A Generalization of the Hermite Constant
26P-9[1] N.Destainville*, R.Mosseri and F.Bailly Role of Boundary Conditions in Configurational Entropy of Random Tilings
26P-10[1] R.Mosseri*, N.Destainville and F.Bailly Transformation Paths between Tilings
26P-11[1] P.Gummelt Covering of Decagonal Aperiodic Tilings by a Single Clustertype
26P-12[1] A.V.Khrzhanovskii One-Dimensional Self-Similar Quasicrystal in a Structure Fractal Tiling
26P-13[1] A.I.Lazarev* and G.A.Domrachev Stable Fractal Shapes in Two-Dimensional Quasicrystalline Structures
26P-14[1] R.K.Mandal Characterisation of Quasicrystalline Interfaces
26P-15[1] T.Ogawa* and Y.Watanabe Graphical Geodesic Lines applied for Some Quasiperiodic Tilling
26P-16[1] P.Repetowicz*, J.Wolny and M.Schreiber Analytical Calculations of Diffraction Patterns of Quasicrystalline N-fold Lattices
26P-17[1] T.Soma*, Y.Watanabe and Y.Kawakubo Animated Patterns Generated by Mixing Two Tetrahedral Lattices
26P-18[1] D.H.Warrington*, M.Scheffer and R.Luck Sixfold Symmetrical Fibonacci Related Patterns and their Parametrisation
26P-19[1] J.Wolny Spatial Fluctuations and their Influence on Singular Continuous Diffraction Patterns
26P-20[1] Y.Yamauchi Regular Polytopes for Fractal Construction
26P-21[1] R.V.Galiulin Nongeneralizity of Space Groups
26P-23[1] S.Yamaguchi Non-Periodic Patterns derived from Rotating Regular Polytopes in 4-Space
26P-24[1] N.Fujita* and K.Niizeki Electronic Properties of a Generalized Fibonacci Model
26P-25[1] K.Kurabayashi* and K.Niizeki Self-Dual Hamiltonians for Two- and Three-Dimensional Quasiperiodic Systems
26P-26[1] Y.Hatsugai Quantum Group in Quasi-Periodic Systems
26P-27[1] J.X. Zhong Statistics of Energy Levels and Quantum Dynamics in Quasiperiodic Tilings
26P-28[1] F.Gagel, U.Grimm* and M.Schreiber Magnetotransport in Quasi-Lattices
26P-29[1] R.Wang*, C.Z.Hu W.G.Yang and D.-H.Ding Thermodynamics and Piezoelectric Properties of Quasicrystals
*************** Approximants and Cluster Compounds [2] ***************
26a1-1[2] K.Sugiyama*, N.Kaji, T.Ishimasa and K.Hiraga (invited)
Structure of a 2/1 Cubic Approximant in the Al-Pd-Mn-Si System
26a1-2[2] L.Beraha*, H.Klein, M.Duneau and M.Audier Description of the Approximants \xi^\prime, \xi, T and R in AlPdMn and their Transformation
26a1-3[2] L.Bresson*, A.Quivy, F.Faudot, M.Quiquandon and Y.Calvayrac About Cubic Approximants of the Icosahedral Phase in the Al-Cu-Fe-Si System
26a1-4[2] J.S.Wu* and K.H.Kuo Ga-Mn Decagonal Approximants of the Icosahedral Phase in the Al-Cu-Fe-Si System
26P-30[2] I.Boustani* and A.Quandt Nanocomposite Tubules: From Boron Clusters to Quasicrystals
26P-31[2] V.A.Chizhikov and V.E.Dmitrienko* Superstructural Ordering and Defects in the Approximants of Quasicrystals
26P-32[2] C.Dong*, D.-H.Wang, Y.-M.Wang, F.Ge and F.-Z.He The Structural Relationship between Quasicrystals and B2-based Approximants
26P-33[2] Y.Fujii*, K.Amino and K.Yoshida Structural Investigation of Long-Period Tetragonal Bi-Mn Alloy Phase
26P-34[2] X.Z.Li*, K.Hiraga, K.Sugiyama and A.Yamamoto Structural Relationship of the \omega-Al4Cr and \kappa-Al-Cr-Ni Phases
26P-35[2] K.Yubuta*, K.Sugiyama and K.Hiraga Structure of an Al-Pd-Co Crystalline Approximant with Non-Central Symmetry
26P-36[2] M.Quiquandon*, J.Devaud, A.Le lann, L.Bresson, A.Katz and D.Gratias Translation Defects in the Cubic Approximant of the Icosahedral Phase in Al-Si-Cu-Fe System
26P-37[2] K.Kirihara*, K.Kimura, H.Ino and V.E.Dmitrienko Structure Analysis of AlCuRu Cubic Approximansts
26P-38[2] T.Schik, H.Klein, M.Audier, V.Simonet*, F.Hippert, J.Rodriguez-Carvajal and R.Bellissent Isomorpohic Mn/Cr Substitution in a AlMnCr Apptoximant
*************** Metallurgy [3] ************************
28m1-3[3] A.-P.Tsai (invited) Developments in Quasicrystals: New Systems, Single Crystal and Better Structure Perfection
28m2-1[3] K.F.Kelton, A.M.Viano, R.M.Stroud, J.Y.Kim and P.C.Gibbons* (invited) Hydrogen Storage in a Stable Ti-Quasicrystal
28m1-2[3] M.Scheffer*, T.Godecke and R.Luck Temperature-Concentration Section through Maximum Extension of the Decagonal Phase in the Al-Co-Ni System (former 29P-15[3])
28m2-2[3] S.P.Ge and K.H.Kuo Icosahedral and Stable Decagonal Quasicrystals in Gallium Alloys
28m2-3[3] Y.Yokoyama*, A.Tsai and A.Inoue Production of Single Quasicrystals
29P-1[3] E.Emeric, C.Bergman*, G.Clugnet, J.M.Dubois and P.Gas Thermodynamic and Kinetic Analysis of the Sequential Processes observed during the Formation by Reactive Diffusion of Quasicrystalline and Approximant Phases in Al/Co Thin Films
29P-2[3] G.Coddens*, K.F.Kelton, P.C.Gibbons and M.Kramer Time-of-Flight Neutron Scattering Study of Hydrogen Dynamics in Icosahedral Ti45Zr38Ni17H50 Quasicrystals
29P-3[3] G.K.Dey*, R.T.Savalia, U.D.Kulkami and S.Banerjee Microstructural Studies on Rapidly Solidified Al-Mg-Zn and Al-Fe-Cu Alloys
29P-4[3] G.V.S.Sastry*, A.K.Pramanick and R.K.Mandal Effect of Composition on the Ordering of Decagonal Phase in Al-Cu-Co-Ni System
29P-5[3] D.Holland-Moritz Estimation of the Energy of the Interface between a Melt and Quasicrystalline and Polyterahedral Phases
29P-6[3] B.Grushko and D.Holland-Moritz* Transformation Features of the Stable Decagonal Phase in Al-Cu(Ni)-Co(Fe)
29P-7[3] A.Jianu*, R.Nicula, D.Fratiloiu, R.Popescu, A.Biris, R.Manaila Hydrogenated TiZrNi Icosahedral Phases
29P-8[3] R.Popescu*, D.Macovei, R.Micula, E.Vasile, C.Bunescu, A.Jianu and R.Manaila Au - and Ag substituted Al-Cu-Fe Icosahedral Phase
29P-9[3] T.Kamo*, Y.Watanabe and S.Nanao Anisotropy in Pentagonal Dodecahedral Shaped Al-Cu-Ru Single Quasicrystals
29P-10[3] U.Koster*, D.Zander, J.Meinhardt, N.Eliaz and D.Eliezer Hydrogenation of Zr70Cu12Ni10Al8 Quasicrystals
29P-11[3] U.Koster* and J.Meinhardt Formation of Quasicrystals in Zr-Cu-Ni-Al Glasses
29P-12[3] A.Langsdorf*, F.Ritter, W.Assmus Quasicrystals in the System Zn-Mg-Y
29P-13[3] T.A.Lograsso* and D.W.Delaney Preparation of Large Single Grains of the Quasicrystalline Icosahedral Al-Cu-Fe \Psi-Phase(1)
29P-14[3] H.Sawada*, R.Tamura, K.Kimura and H.Ino Compositional Dependence of Electrical Resistivity in Al-Pd-Re Icosahedral Quasicrystals
29P-15[3] M.Scheffer*, T.Godecke and R.Luck Temperature-Concentration Section through Maximum Extension of the Decagonal Phase in the Al-Co-Ni System
29P-16[3] K.Sun*, J.S.Wu, K.H.Kuo and J.P.Zhang Ga-Mn Quasicrystal Particles in Mn$^+$-Implanted GaAs
29P-17[3] T.Noguchi, S.Suzuki*, H.Shibata, Y.Waseda, N.Tamura and K.Urban High Temperature Thermal Diffusivities of the Icosahedral Al71Pd21Mn8 Single Quasicrystal
29P-18[3] A.Fujiwara*, A.P.Tsai and A.Inoue Stability and Structural Variation of Decagonal Phase in Al-Ni-Co System
************* Phase Stability [5] *******************
29m1-1[5] Boissieu*, M.Boudard, T.Ishimasa, E.Elkaim, J.P.Lauriat, A.Letoublon, M.Audier and A.Davroski (invited) Phason Driven Phase Transition in the Icosahedral Phase of AlPdMn
29m1-2[5] W.Steurer*, M.Honal and T.Haibach (invited) Phase Transformations of Decagonal Quasicrystals
29m1-4[5] S.Ritsch*, C.Beeli and H.-U. Nissen Six Structural Modifications of Decagonal Al-Co-Ni
29P-19[5] H.Abe*, Y.Matsuo and K.Ohshima X-ray Diffuse Scattering from Al70Ni15Co15
29P-20[5] R.Caudron, A.Finel, Y.Calvayrac and R.Bellissent* Diffuse Scattering in Quasi-crystals studied by Neutrons
29P-22[5] F.Frey*, K.Hradil, B.Grushko and G.McIntyre Disorder of Decagonal Al-Co-Ni, Al-Ni-Fe and Al-Co-Cu Phases studied by Diffuse X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
29P-23[5] K.Hradil*, F.Frey, E.Weidner and R.B.Neder Periodic Superorder in the Decagonal Phases Al-Co-Ni and Al-Cu-Co-Si investigated by X-ray Diffraction and Computer Simulations
29P-25[5] H.Klein*, M.Audier, L.Beraha and M.Duneau Experimental Observation of Phase Transformations via Motion of Linear Phason Defects
29P-26[5] M.Mori*, T.Ogawa, T.Ishimasa, M.Tanaka and S.Sasaki Diffuse Scattering of Al-Pd-Mn and Al-Cu-Fe Icosahedral Phases
29P-27[5] N.K.Mukhopadhyay Short Range and Long Range Ordering in Icosahedral Quasicrystal and Approximant Crystals
29P-28[5] S.Ranganathan*, U.D.Kulkarni and P.Donnadieu Periodic to Quasiperiodic Transformations
29P-29[5] J.Roth*, W.Ebinger and H.-R.Trebin Random Tiling Transition in Three Dimensions
29P-30[5] V.I.Snejekov* and I.N.Mochtchenko Symmetrical Analysis of the Elastic Phase Transitions in the Polygonal Quasicrystals
29P-31[5] K.Yamamoto*, Y.Matsuo and M.Ota X-ray Diffuse Scattering the Al-Pd-Mn Decagonal Quasicrystal
29P-32[5] D.P.Yu, N.Baluc and Z.Zhang* Phase Transition between Incommensurately Modulated Structure and Icosahedral Quasicrystalline Phase T2 of an Al-Li-Cu Alloy
29P-33[5] V.E.Dmitrienko*, S.B.Astaf'ev and M.Kleman Icosahedral Quasicrystals: Atomic Simulations of Growth and Defects
29P-34[5] A.Yamamoto* and S.Weber Superstructure and Color Symmetry in Quasicrystals
29P-35[5] A.Sadoc*, P.Donnadieu and A.M.Flank Short Range Order in the Mg 61\%at Al Quasiperiodic Structure with Inflation Symmetry and Related Crystalline \beta-Mg2Al3
29P-36[5] A.Sadoc*, J.P.Itie, A.Polian, C.Berger and S.J.Poon Icosahedral to Defected Icosahedral Transformations in Al-Cu-Ru and Al-Pd-Re Quasicrystals under High Pressure
**************** Defects [6] ***********************
28a2-4[6] E.Reinier, L.Mancini, J.Hartwig, J.Baruchel, N.Baluc and J.Gastaldi* Identification of Loop Like Defects in as Grown and Annealed Single Quasicrystals
27P-1[6] C.Beeli, T.Godecke and R.Luck* Faceted Voids in Icosahedral AlMnPd
27P-2[6] R.Divakar*, D.Sundararaman and S.Ranganathan Study of Interfacial Defects in Quasicrystalline Phases
27P-3[6] K.Sato*, E.Hamada, M.Tashiro, T.Koizumi, I.Kanazawa, F.Komori, Y.Ito and S.Takeuchi The Stability in terms of Vacant-Centers in Quasicrystal studied by Positron Annihilation
27P-4[6] W.Sprengel*, Th.A.Lograsso and H.Nakajima Diffusion in Icosahedral AlPdMn Quasicrystals
27P-5[6] W.Yang*, N.Tamura, M.Feuerbacher, D-H.ding, R.Wang and K.Urban Elastic Displacement Field and Computer Simulation of Dislocations in Al-Pd-Mn Icosahedral Quasicrystals
27P-6[6] N.Baluc* and R.Schaublin TEM Image Simulations of Structure Defects in Icosahedral Quasicrystals
************************ Dynamical Properties [7] ************************
29a1-1[7] A.Inaba*, A.-P.Tsai and K.Shibata (invited) Vibrational Properties of Quasicrystals of Al-Cu-Ru, Al-Pd-Re and Al-Pd-Mn deduced from Heat Capacities
29a1-2[7] M.A.Chernikov*, K.Edagawa, E.Felder, A.D.Bianchi, C.Walti, M.Kenzelman, H.R.Ott, M.Feuerbaher, N.Tamura and K.Urban (invited) Low-Temperature Lattice Excitations and Dynamics of Quasicrystals from Specific Heat and Thermal Conductivity
29a1-3[7] Y.Ishii Low-Energy Phason Dynamics in Quasicrystals
29a1-4[7] S.Lyonnard*, G.Coddens, B.Hennion and Y.Caovayrac Triple-Axis Neutron Scattering Study of Phason Hopping in Icosahadral AlMnPd Quasicrystals
29a1-5[7] S.Matsuo*, T.Ishimasa and H.Nakano Anomalously Slow Change in Magnetic Susceptibility in Al70Pd21.5Mn8.5 Icosahedral Quasicrystals obeying Time Dependence of Phason Relaxation
29P-37[7] A.D.Bianchi*, K.Edagawa, E.Felder, M.Kenzelmann, M.A.Chernikov and H.R.Ott Low-Temperature Thermodynamic and Thermal-Transport Properties of Decagonal Al70Ni15Co15
29P-38[7] S.Legault*, B.Ellman, J.O.Strom-Olsen, L.Taillefer, T.Lograsso and D.Delaney Effects of Sample Quality on the Thermal Conductivity of Quasicrystals
29P-39[7] M.Matsukawa*, M.Yoshizawa, K.Noto, Y.Yokoyama and A.Inoue Thermal Conductivity of a Single 2D Quasicrystal of Decagonal Al70Ni15Co15
29P-48[7] F. Gahler* and A. Hirning Correlated Random Walk Model of Phasonic Diffusion
********************* Mechanical Properties [8] *********************
30m1-1[8] R.Mikulla, J.Stadler, P.Gumbsch and H.-R.Trebin* Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Crack Propagation in Quasicrystals
30m1-2[8] K.Urban*, M.Feuerbacher, B.Baufeld, M.Bartsch, U.Messerschmidt and M. Wollgarten Mechanical Properties of Quasicrystals
30m1-3[8] T.Dotera Can Quasicrystals Flow?
30m1-4[8] U.Koster*, H.Liebertz and X.-L.Ma Plastic Deformation of Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystals
30m1-5[8] U.Messerschmidt*, M.Wollgarten and K.Urban Dislocation Motion in AlPdMn Single Quasicrystals
27P-7[8] F.Semadeni, N.Baluc* and J.Bonneville Deformation Featurers of Icosahedral Al-Li-Cu
27P-8[8] K.Edagawa* and T.Suzuki Ultra-Microindentation of a Mg-Zn-Y Icosahedral Quasicrystal
27P-9[8] M.Feuerbacher*, M.Weller, J.Diehl and K.Urban Mechanical Spectroscopy of Al-Pd-Mn Single-Quasicrystals
27P-10[8] E.Giacometti*, N.Baluc and J.Bonneville Mechanical Properties of Icosahedral Al-Cu-Fe
27P-11[8]P.Guyot Plastic Deformation of Quasicrystals
27P-12[8] H.Hirai*, A.Kitahara, F.Yoshida and H.Nakashima High Temperature Deformation of Al-Pd-Mn Icosahedoral Quasicrystal with Decagonal Phase Lamellae
27P-13[8] D.Plachke*, D.Brunner and H.D.Carstanjen Plastic Deformation of Icosahedral AlPdMn Single Quasicrystals
27P-14[8] S.Takeuchi, K.Shinoda*, T.Yoshida and T.Kakegawa Plastic Deformation of Mg-Zn-RE (RE=Y,Gd) Icosahedral Quasicrystals
27P-15[8] S.Takeuchi, T.Suzuki*, T.Asao, K.Motoya and M.Wollgarten Effect of Plastic Deformation on the Electrical Conductivity in Single-Quasicrystals of Icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn
27P-16[8] M.Wollgarten*, S.Takeuchi, U.Messerschmidt and M.Bartsch Energetic and Dynamic Properties of Dislocations in Quasicrystalline AlPdMn
********************* Electronic Properties [9] *********************
27m1-1[9] D.Mayou*, S.Roche, G.Trambly de Laissardiere, C.Berger and C.Gignoux Band Structure and Conductivity of Quasicrystals
27m1-2[9] Z.M.Stadnik*, D.Purdier, M.Garnier, Y.Baer, A.-P.Tsai, A.Inoue, K.Edagawa and S.Takeuchi Electronic Structure of Quasicrystals Studied by Ultrahigh Energy Resolution Ultraviolet Photoemission Spectroscopy
27a1-1[9] M.Takeda*, R.Tamura, Y.Sakairi and K.Kimura Semiconductor-Like Behavior in Photoconductivity of Icosahedral Al-Pd-Re Alloy
27m2-1[9] U.Mizutani*, W.Iwakami and T.Fujiwara Electronic Structure Calculations based on the Atomoic Structure determined by the Rietveld Analysis for a Series of the Al-Mg-Zn 1/1-Approximants
27m2-2[9] C.R.Wang, S.T.Lin*, C.R.Lin and S.L.Chou Conductivity and Magnetoconductivity of Al-Pd-Re Quasicrystals near Metal-Insulator Transition ({\it former} 27P-38[9]) 27m2-3[9] M.Terauchi*, H.Ueda, M.Tanaka, A.-P.Tsai, A.Inoue and T.Masumoto Electron Enegy-Loss Spectroscopy Study of the Electronic Structure of Quasicrystals
27m2-4[9] T.Fujiwara Reconsideration of Scaling Properties of Electron Wavefunctions and Transport Coefficients in Quasicrystals
27a1-2[9] K.Kimura*, H.Matsuda, M.Fujimori, M.Terauchi, M.Tanaka, H.Kumigashira, N.Yokoya and T.Takahashi Metallic-Covalent Bonding Conversion in Aluminum-based and Boron-based Icosahedral Cluster Solids
27a1-3[9]T.Grenet*, M.C.Cheynet and C.Berger Anomalous Plasmon Linewidth in Icosahedral Quasicrystals probed by Electron Energy Loss Spectroscopy
27a1-4[9] E.Belin-Ferre*, V.Fournee, J.-M.Dubois and A.Sadoc Al Electronic States Distributions in Approximant and Quasicrystalline Intermetallics and in Hume-Rothery Phase
27a1-5[9] F.Cyrot-Lackmann An Approach to Transport Properties of Quasicrystals
27a1-6[9] B.Charrier* and D.Schmitt Quasimagnetism in i-R8Mg42Zn50 Quasicrystals (R=rare earth)
27P-17[9] M.Ahlgren*, M.Rodmar, C.Gignoux, C.Berger and O.Rapp Low Temperature Transport Properties of Icosahedral AlPdRe
27P-18[9]E.Belin-Ferre*, V.Fournee, P.Donnadieu, Z.Dankhazi and M.Harmelin About Electronic States Distributions in Quasiperiodic and Crystalline Al-Mg Alloys
27P-19[9] E.Belin-Ferre*, V.Fournee, A.Sadoc, H.Muller, K.F.Kelton and J.Y.Kim Soft X-ray Spectroscopy Investigation of Electronic Distributions in Ti-Zr-Ni Quasicrystal and Ti-Cr-Si-O 1/1 Approximant
27P-20[9] R.Chatterjee*, S.Ghildiyal, R.A.Dunlap, D.Kanjilal and A.K.Nigam Electronic Structure of AlFeCu from the Galvanomagnetic Studies
27P-21[9] M.Fujimori* and K.Kimura Bond Variation in Icosahedra of Group-III Elements : Metallic and Covalent
27P-22[9] R.Tamura*, H.Sawada, K.Kimura and H.Ino Conduction Mechanism of Quasicrystals
27P-23[9] C.Gignoux, C.Berger, T.Grenet*, T.Schaub, G.Fourcaudot, J.C.Grieco and H.Rakoto Metal-insulator Transition in Quasicrystalline i-AlPdRe
27P-24[9] U.Grimm*, T.Rieth and M.Schreiber Localization of Electronic Wave Functions on Quasiperiodic Lattices
27P-25[9] R.Haberkern*, C.Roth, R.Knofler F.Zavaliche and P.Haussler Electronic-Transport Properties of Thin Film Samples
27P-28[9] M.Iwasawa* and K.Niizeki Phonon-Assisted Conductivity of Quasiperiodic Systems with Localized Electrons
27P-29[9] E.Yagi* and K.Niizeki Existence of Extended States breaking Saxon-Hutner Theorem for a Quasiperiodic Binary System
27P-30[9] K.Kirihara,* H.Kumigashira, A.Ashihara, K.Kimura, H.Ino and T.Takahashi Electronic Structure of AlCuRu Quasicrystals and Their Cubic Approximants studied by High Resolution Photoemission Spectroscopy
27P-31[9] S.Kobayashi*, T.Takeuchi, Y.Watanabe, T.Matsuda and U.Mizutani Electronic Properties of the Mg-Zn-Y Icosahedral Quasicrystals
27P-32[9] T.Matsuda*, T.Ozaki, H.Sato and U.Mizutani Electronic Properties in Al-Mg-Pd Icosahedral Quasicrystals
27P-33[9] H.Yamada*, W.Iwakami, T.Takeuchi,M.Takata, S.Yamaguchi, T.Matsuda and U.Mizutani Atomic and Electronic Structures of the Al-Cu-Fe-Si 1/1-Approximant
27P-34[9] T.Shinohara*, F.Wagatsuma, S.Yamaguchi and U.Mizutani NMR Studies of RT- and MI-Type Quasicrystals and Frank-Kasper-Type Approximants in the Al-Mg-Pd Alloy System
27P-35[9] T.Shinohara*, F.Wagatsuma and A.-P.Tsai 27Al- and 63Cu-NMR in Al65Cu20Ru15 Quasicrystals
27P-36[9] K.Soda*, U.Mizuiani, Y.Yokoyama, R.Note, A.Inoue, M.Fujisawa, S.Shin, S.Suga, A.Sekiyama, T.Suzaki, T.Kinishi, T.Matsushita and T.Miyahara Spectroscopic Study of Decagonal Single Quasicrystal Al72Ni12Co16 with Use of Synchrotron Radiation
27P-37[9] P.Kramer*, H.Teuscher, A.Quandt and R.Harle Local Electronic Structure of Quasicrystals
27P-39[9] S.Lin*, G.Li and D.Zhang The Electron-Phonon Mass Enhancement in AlCuCo Decagonal Single Quasicrystals
27P-40[9] G.Trambly de Laissardiere and D.Mayou* Magnetic Moment in Hume-Rothery Alloys and Quasicrystals Al-Transition Metal
27P-41[9] D.Mayou Metal-Insulator Transition in Quasicrystals
27P-42[9] G.Trambly de Laissardiere* and D.Mayou Localization of Electron in Quasicrystals: Role of the Atomic Local Order
27P-43[9] A.F.Prekul Zero Energy Gap in the Electronic Band Structure of the Quasictystals
27P-44[9] M.Rodmar*, M.Ahlgren, C.Berger, A.Sulpice, M.Beyess, N.Tamura, K.Urban and O.Rapp Transport Properties in Single Grain (i)-AlPdMn
27P-45[9] V.Simonet*, F.Hippert, C.Gignoux and C.Berger Investigation of the Electronic Properties of AlPdRe and AlCuFe Quasicrystals by N.M.R.
27P-46[9] V.Srinivas* and S.Kasiviswanathan Electronic Transport in Quasicrystalline Thin Films
27P-47[9] T.Shibuya*, K.Edagawa and S.Takeuchi Electrical Resistivities in Crystal Approximants
27P-48[9] V.Simonet, F.Hippert*, H.Klein, M.Audier, D.Boursier and R.Bellissent Evolution of Local Order and Magnetism through the Liquid-to-Icosahedral Transition in Al72.1Pd20.7Mn7.2
27P-49[9] Z.M.Stadink*, A.-P.Tsai and B.Grushoko Mossbauer Spectroscopy Studies of Al-Ni-Fe Decagonal Alloys
27P-50[9] F.Giroud, T.Grenet*, T.Schaub, P.B.Barna and Z.Radi Microstructure and Electronic Properties of i-AlCuFe Thin Films produced by Sequential Electron-beam Evaporation
27P-51[9] P. Haussler*, R.Haberkern, C.Roth, R.Knoefler Quasicrystalline and Amorphous Materials -a Comparison between Both-
********************* Applications [10] *********************
28m1-1[10] A.Inoue*, H.Kimura, K.Sasamori and K.Kita Application of Al-based Bulk Alloys consisting mainly of Nanoscale Icosahedral Particles to High-Strength and High-Ductility Materials
29P-40[10] I.E.Anderson*, S.B.Biner, D.J.Sordelt adn O.Unal Quasicrystalline Particulate Reinforced Aluminum Composites
29P-41[10] A.Buzaianu*, M.Petrescu, E.Vasile and I.Roman Industrial Application of the Quasicrystalline Structure Mg-base Alloys
******************* Structure [11] **************************
26m2-1[11] A.Yamamoto Structure Determination of Quasicrystals
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28a1-2[11] V.Elser Random-tiling Structure of Icosahedral Quasicrystals
28a1-3[11] C.L.Henley Cluster Maximization, Non-locality and Random Tilings
26P-39[11] C.Beeli* and S.Horiuchi Direct Imaging of Cluster Variations in Decagonal Al-Mn-Pd Quasicrystals at 1.4A Point Resolution
26P-40[11] Q.Shen, S.W.Kycia, Y.Zhang and R.Colella* Dynamical Three-Beam Diffraction in a Quasicrystal
26P-41[11]T.Ohno and T.Ishimasa* Powder X-ray Diffraction Study of ZnMgHo Icosahedral Phase
26P-42[11] T.Jach*, Y.Zhang, R.Colella, S.Kycia, A.I.Goldman, Bossieu and M.Boudard Dynamical Diffraction and X-Ray Standing Waves from 2-Fold Reflection in the Quasicrystal AlPdMn
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26P-44[11] M.Rodewald*, A.Langsdorf, W.Assmus and H.Fuess Structural Investigation of Icosahedral Quasicrystals in the Zn-Mn-SE (SE=Y,Er) System
26P-45[11] P.L.Ryder*, R.Hory and C.Pohla Phason Strain Analysis of Decagonal AlMnPd
26P-46[11] K.Saitoh*, K.Tsuda, M.Tanaka and A-P.Tsai Structure Analysis of Decagonal Quasicrystals by Convergent-bream Electron Diffraction
26P-47[11] Y.Watanabe*, T.Ohata, M.Mizumaki and S.Nanao Structural Study of Al-Pd-Re Icosahedral Phase by Anomalous X-ray Scattering
26P-48[11] M.Erbudak, A.R.Kortan and M.Zurkirch* Sputtering-Induced Changes of Symmetry in Al70Co15Ni15 observed by means of SEI
26P-49[11] P.Kramer*, Z.Papadopolos and W.Liebermeister Atomic Positions in Icosahedral Quasicrystals
26P-50[11] A.Yamamoto*, S.Weber and A.P.Tsai Phase Transition of Al-Ni-Co Quasicrystals
********************* Surface [12] ************************
26m2-2[12] J-M.Dubois*, P.Plaindoux, N.Tamura and E.Belin-Ferre Surface Energy of Single Crystalline Icosahedral Al-Pd-Mn
28a2-1[12] P.Thiel Preparation of Icosahedral AlCuFe Samples for Leed Studies
28a2-2[12] D.Naumovic A Real-Space and Chemically Senstive Study of i-AlPdMn Pentagonal Surface
28a2-3[12] T.Janssen Surface States in Quasicrystals
29P-43[12] Z.Shen, C.Jenks*, A.Goldman, D.Delaney, T.Lograsso and P.Thiel Oxidation of Surfaces of Icosahedral Quasicrystals : Some Key Comparisons
29P-44[12] M.Gavatz, D.Rouxel*, P.Pigeat, B.Weber, P.Plaindoux and J.M.Dubois Surface Sutdy of Oxidation of the Al62Cu25.5Fe12.5 Icosahedral Quasicrystal
29P-45[12] J.von Stebut*, J.M.Soro and D.Rouxel Material Transfer and Surface Damage in Frictional Contact of Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystals
29P-46[12] B.Wehner* and U.Koster Oxidation of Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystals
29P-47[12] J.von Stebut* and C.Comte Influence of Crystal Structure and Purity of Nominally Identical Al-Cu-Fe Quasicrystals on their Friction and Wear Behaviour