Tokyo, Japan
26-30 May, 1997

Yamada Conference XLVII

We thank all participants for creating very warm and fruitful academic atmosphere during the Conference.

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Dear Participants! Please be sure to send back all the corrected manuscripts to the secretariat before the end of June. The price of the Proceedings is 5,000Jpn Yen and it will be published from World Scientific soon.
Next Conference ICQ7 will be held in Stuttgart, Germany, in Seprember 1999.

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  • Schedule : ICQ-2
  • List of Contributed Papers: ICQ-3
  • List of Invited Speakers: ICQ-4
  • Please ask to your nearest Japanese Embassy or Consulate for an entry VISA into Japan. Participants from China, Korea, India, Russia, eastern European countries and some other countries are required to get an entry visa into Japan. Sometimes it takes long time for preparation.
    Please ask to your nearest Japan Embassy or Consulate for an entry visa into Japan. If it is necessary, please send the following Visa Information Form to the Conference Secretariat immediately. Visa Information Form: ICQ-5.ps
  • Additionnal informations : ICQ-6
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  • Tourist information in TOKYO
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