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    Yamada Science Foundation

    Supported by:

    The Physical Society of Japan
    The Japan Institute of Metals
    The Japan Society of Applied Physics

    Organizing Committee
    Chairpersons : S. Takeuchi and T. Fujiwara
    K. Hiraga, A. Inoue, Y. Ishii, U. Mizutani, A-P. Tsai, A. Yamamoto

    Local Organizing Committee
    T. Fujiwara, K. Kimura, H. Ino, S. Nanao, K.Edagawa

    Program Committee
    S. Takeuchi, T. Fujiwara, U. Mizutani, A. Yamamoto, Y. Ishii, A-P. Tsai, T. Ishimasa

    Proceedings Editors
    S. Takeuchi, T. Fujiwara

    International Advisory Board
    T. Fujiwara, A. Inoue, S. Takeuchi (Japan)
    P. Kramer, R. Lueck, K. Urban (Germany)
    S. Ranganathan (India)
    F. Cyrot-Lackmann, J.-M. Dubois, D. Gratias, P. Guyot (France)
    J. W. Cahn , P. C. Gibbons, C. L. Henley, K. F. Kelton, J. Poon (U.S.A.)
    D. Romeu (Mexico)
    Z. Zhang (China)
    J. M. Perez-Mato (Spain)
    J. Hafner (Austria)
    J. Wolny (Poland)
    P. A. Kalugin (Russia)
    H. -U. Nissen (Switzerland)
    T. Janssen (The Netherlands)

    Scope of the Conference

    The 6th International Conference on Quasicrystals ICQ6 will continue the seriesapproximants of conferences held in Les Houches (1985), Beijing (1987), Vista-Hermosa (1989), St Louis (1992) and Avignon (1995).
    As in the past, the conference covers all scientific aspects relating to quasicrystals, such as tilings, generalized crystallography, sample preparation, structure determination, growth mechanism, phase transition, physical and chemical properties including electronic, dynamical and mechanical properties. Application oriented researches are welcome.

    Presentation of Papers :

    Single session is organized and the total number of papers is about 200. The Conference language should be English. Contributed papers are presented either in oral or poster.
    Invited papers should be presented in 30 minutes each, and oral contributed papers in 20 minutes, both including 5 minutes discussion. The time schedule is so tight that all speakers are strongly requested to well prepare to keep the time enough for discussion.
    Poster would be displayed on two pieces of board, 90cm(w) x 120cm(h) each.

    List of Invited Speakers :

    Conference Proceedings :

    Conference Proceedings will be published by the World Scientific, Singapore, shortly after the Conference. The referee's judgement will be informed during the Conference to all authors who submitted manuscript before the deadline. The corrected manuscript should be returned to the Conference Secretariat before the 30th June.
    All registered participants will receive one free copy each except he or she is registered on the student rate. Students, any participants as well, can get a copy of the Conference Proceedings on the price of 5,000 Jpn Yen.

    Night Session :

    Night Session for young participants informally organized by T. Grenet (France), C. Jenks (U.S.A.), K. Edagawa (Japan) and K. Kimura (Japan), will be held at National Olympics Memorial Youth Center, the dormitory for young scientists. Program of the Night Session will be informed at the registration desk, when you arrive. Post-deadline presentation may be accepted also during the Conference. All participants, especially senior ones, are very much welcome to this session as a good occasion for informal discussion.
    Papers presented in poster session are welcome in the Night Session. Presentation is in oral of 15 minutes with discussion. Persons who wishes to present a paper in Night Session should contact K.Kimura by Fax (+81-3-3815-8363), e-mail (bkimura@fox.mm.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp) or ordinary mail.

    Location of the Conference :

    The Conference takes place at the Conference Hall (Sanjoh Kaikan) in the main campus of the University of Tokyo, at Hongo in Tokyo , which is in the central area of Tokyo. The campus is accessible by subway, Marunouchi-line, Chiyoda-line and Nanboku-line.
    Tokyo Station may be reached by one-hour fast train trip of JR-line, and Ueno Station by one-hour trip of Keisei-line, both from New Tokyo International Airport (Narita Airport).
    From Tokyo Station to the campus the nearest station of Marunouchi-line is Hongo-3-Chome and 10-minutes walk to the University of Tokyo. From Ueno Station, within 15-minutes taxi drive. The Nearest station of Chiyoda-line is Nezu and that of Nanboku-line is Todai-Mae.
    The National Olympics Memorial Youth Center and the conference site is connected by Chiyoda-line. Hotel Ohgai-sou is located near the Ueno Station and one can reach to the campus by 10 or 15 minutes walk. Hotel Kizan-kan is located between Hongo-3-Chome Station of subway Marunouchi-line and the University.

    Weather :

    At the end of May, the weather is usually sunny and pleasant before rainy season. Temperatures may rise up to about 23 degree C at day time.

    Registration Fee :

    Registration Fee is 35,000 Jpn Yen per person (normal) and 10,000 Jpn Yen for student. Registration fee for accompanying persons is not required. Late registration after 20 February, 1997 is required to pay subsidiary amount of 5,000 Jpn Yen in both normal and student rates. Students are strongly recommended to stay in the dormitory, which may be still available but definitely not just before the conference.
    The normal registration fee covers the Conference Proceedings, but not the Conference Dinner. The student registration fee does not cover the Conference Proceedings.

    Local Hotel :

    All kinds of hotels may be located near the campus. The accommodation booking may be arranged through the agency :
    Hotels arranged by the above agency are the followings:

    Life in National Olympics Memorial Youth Center :

    Many participants stay in National Olympics Memorial Youth Center from 25 May to 30 May, 5 nights. The NOMYC is located at Yoyogi-Koen of Chiyoda-line, near Sinjuku, and Chiyoda-line can connect between NOMYC and the campus (Nezu Station) by 25 min. riding. It takes 10 min. to walk from NOMYC and the campus to each the nearest subway station.
    Resistration Office in the dormitory will open between 13:00 and 20:00 on the 25th May in Study & Training Hall of the NOMYC. Persons who will stay in the NOMYC are requested to contact with K.Kimura by Fax, e-mail or ordinary mail.
    Owing to the regulation of this dormitory, booking should be done as a group over all 5 nights (May 25th - 30th) and any change in plan or additional requests are not allowed during the stay. Every instruction will be given through the group leader, who is a volunteer of Japanese students. One should observe the regulations during the stay in the dormitory. He/she should pay 17,000 Jpn Yen if the key of the room is lost. The life here should be of self service. Every room is a new and clean single room with a bed and a writing desk without a bath. A bathroom is Japanese style attached shower and shared by 10 or 20 persons from 17:00 to 23:00. A shower-room is also available in another building from 9:00 to 22:00. Since the role of NOMYC is to offer effective support to activities mainly for youths, a room charge for a guest younger than 30 years old is cheaper than that for others.

    Registration, Get-Together Party and Conference Dinner :

    Registration for participants will start late afternoon from 15:00 of the 25th May at the registration desk both in National Olympics Memorial Youth Center and in Hotel Ohgai-sou.
    All participants are invited to join to the Get-Together party in Hotel Ohgai-sou at 18:00-19:30 of the 25th May. The Conference Hall in the University of Tokyo will be closed on the 25th May, though it was announced, in the second circular, that the get-together party would be held in the Conference Hall.
    The Conference Dinner is not covered by the registration fee and the price for it is 10,000 Jpn Yen.
    Excursion is not planned but some consultation for parsonal excursion would be possible by the staff of the Conference.

    Visa :

    Some participants, in particular from China, Korea, India, Russia, eastern European countries and some other countries, may be required to get an entry visa into Japan. To apply for entry visa into Japan one should provide us necessary information by using the Visa Information Form in the second circular. Then we will send him/her an invitation letter, with which one can apply for an entry visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in his/her country. Please check if you really need an entry visa at the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in your country.

    Payment and Refund :

    Payment for Registration and Accommodation may be finished in advance. Any process cannot in general proceed without the bank transfer statement. For hotel charge, after the total amount is received, a receipt have been mailed.
    In case of cancelation, the rate of refund is as follows;

    Conference Secretariat :

    Secretary of the 6th International Conference on Quasicrystals
    c/o Prof. Takeo Fujiwara
    Department of Applied Physics, University of Tokyo
    Hongo 7-3-1, Bunkyo-ku
    Tokyo 113, Japan
    Tel : +81-3-3812-2111 ext 6810
    Fax : +81-3-5689-8254
    e-mail : icq6@coral.t.u-tokyo.ac.jp
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