Fujiwara Lab
ELSES project
ELSES (Extra Large Scale Electronic Structure)
Global standardization of nano-scale quantum material simulator from Japan

In November, 2007, ELSES project was established by our lab together with volunteer members of universities, institutes and companies, with the support from UCR-Workshops, Division of University Corporate Relations (DUCR), the University of Tokyo.

The aim of ELSES project is as follows;
(1) To implement and develop the simulation package 'ELSES' (Extra-Large-Scale Electronic Structure calculation) that is based on the theory constructed in our Lab.
(2) To develop the simulation package 'ELSES' as a global standard software of nano-scale quantum material simulator.

For more information, Please visit the main page of ELSES project (English web site available!!): http://www.elses.jp/

Announcement about recent progress and development policy on ELSES project (in Japanese)